Pre-Loved Early Rider Classic Balance Bike 2-4 years (31 cm I.L.)

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The classic at the very heart of Early Rider. In 2005 we set out to encapsulate the spirit of adventure and encourage a lifestyle that countered the growing culture of kids glued to a screen. We would just picture our boys rolling off with a bedroll on the back of their bike, leaving behind those kids hooked on playing video games indoors. 

What we stumbled upon though, was a design that's function was even important than its statement of intent. We could have just gone the whole hog and called it an Easy Rider.

Its marginally longer wheel base gives it stability and its slackened head tube encourages the bike to stay on line in the event of any wobbles. Its short but wide rear tyre keeps the seat height low, the centre of gravity low and makes balancing so easy even the very youngest can get on and ride.

This is a bike that gives the freedom of independent mobility quicker than any other we make, yet its larger frame and free rolling 14" front wheel mean it's equally suited to the growing explorer venturing further afield. And, thanks to our SuperPly™ construction, it'll last long enough to see through many a journey and still be worthy of mounting on on the wall. 

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